Reframed: Not so good ideas

The truth behind good ideas is that not all good ideas, are actually good. Some great ideas often turn out to be horrible, completely unrealistic, or too difficult to accomplish. However the fact is often we do not realize and recognize that our “good” ideas are actually terrible until another person critiques our ideas. We think of ourselves as absolutely brilliant until we receive criticism. For some of us, only an ounce of criticism is needed for us to realize something in or about our idea needs to be changed. But the stubborn people, on the other hand… Might need a little bit more criticism until it gets through their head.

When people think of criticism, they tend to regard it as a ONLY bad thing. Criticism can be both a good or a bad thing, depending on the context and purpose of why it was said.

There are many different types of criticism, such as constructive and personal. Criticism can sometimes take the form of personal attack. For example, “Tirell doesn’t like your red lip stick and hoop earrings, she thinks makes you look cheap”. This type of criticism is not necessarily helpful or beneficial. However, there is a type of criticism that CAN be useful to us. This type of criticism is known as constructive criticism. Constructive criticism is when the person doing the criticizing is motivated by a desire to help and provide solid suggestions for change. This type of criticism helps us to grow. *Example of constructive criticism “Don’t ever Jaywalk again son, you might get run over.”

During 4th period in Mr. Theriault’s class, the class had a session of “Crops vs. Crows”. In this activity, students were able to experience criticism first hand. Not the “Tirell don’t like your red lip stick” type of criticism, but the “Jaywalking is bad” type of criticism.

In the Crows vs. Crows stimulation, one person symbolized the Crop while three other people symbolized the Crows. The Crop presented his/her idea, while the Crows picked and criticized the idea, attempting to tear it apart. The purpose of this was to spark new ideas and suggestions for the Crop to improve his/her idea. The criticism was incredibly helpful and much needed towards the Crop because it provided them with many helpful suggestions and even new ideas.


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