Reframed: A hurricane of Creativity

Weather report: 100% of raining ideas and 50 mph winds of thoughts

Sometime last week, Mr. Theriaults class was hit hard with a brain storm.

We students were all electrocuted with what we needed, and what we wanted. We were then told by Mr. Theriault to form a group of 2 or more students to jot all of our ideas down on a large poster. However, Mr. Theriault said something that surprised us all.  We were to write down BAD ideas not GOOD ideas. The reason for this was to use those bad ideas, to come up with new, GOOD, maybe even GREAT ideas.

After everyone had their ideas plastered down on a piece of paper, groups were slowly called up one by one to share their ideas. Now some groups had a certain topic they based their wants and needs on, while other groups simply just wrote down ideas. When people were up and presenting, I was blown away by how creative my fellow classmates could be. All of the groups had multiple different and unique ideas, however, the wants/needs of 2 girls especially stood out to me. Their need was “to make life easier, a lazier lifestyle”. I can’t recall all of their ideas at the top of my head, but the one I do remember is the baby jumper (baby walker) for adults. And if that isn’t the greatest idea you’ve ever heard in your life, I don’t know what is…

In conclusion, this “hurricane of creativity” helped me learn that ideas can come from just about anything. Ideas are all around you, just waiting to be thought of.

“Ideas can come from anywhere and at any time”

-Rolf Smith


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