Reframed: Don’t use that tone of voice with me young lady!

Today’s lesson in English was based off of perspective, audience, and tone. In 4th period today, we were to write a letter to three different people/things. We were to write to mom or dad, bestfriend, and a missing sock. As you identify these three subjects, you can almost instantaneously draw the conclusion that the tone used will be different with each of the three. When addressing different types of audience, the tone of the writer or speaker tends to change. The tone of the speaker is dependent on who the audience is changing to. Let’s see how tone can change as the audience changes

Topic: Failing a class

Talking to a parent: Mom, Dad… I don’t want you guys to be disappointed in me and I just wanted you guys to know that I put in my best effort but I still wasn’t able to pass the class…

Talking to a bestfriend: O M G, hey best friend forever!!! I just failed my Algebra 2 Trig class and you should totally fail it with me so we can be together!!! Yay!!! Besties for the resties!!!

Talking to a missing sock: Hi sock! I just failed my Algebra 2 Trig class… Why am I telling you this? Well… You’re looking kinda sad and lonely without your other pair… and I’m pretty sad and lonely without my phone because I’m grounded so I just thought ya know… Sock and me bonding time?

As you can see, tone is incredibly important. You cannot talk to your parent the same way you talk to your friend or missing sock because the amount of respect in your tone differentiates by a significant amount. In addition, your tone also effects the words that come out of your mouth. You can use the most beautiful words and string them together in a sentence elegantly, but if you are saying it with a tone that is monotone, then the words are even less than worthless.


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