Leave me alone!

Words, actions, songs, movies, and books may all have a deeper meaning than what’s said, done, or going on in that particular moment. Sometimes things are nice and simple, and straight to the point. Buuut this often isn’t the case. There is generally a meaning extending below the surface of what we see or hear. You have to kinda think a little to see what the author, director, artist or whatever’s really trying to say.

This may not be the best example of words having a different meaning to what’s being said, but this is definitely the first thing that comes to my mind. If you have a girlfriend, you probably know EXACTLY what I’m about to talk about. (Doesn’t necessarily apply to just girlfriends, but yeah) Have you ever made your girlfriend mad? And has she ever told you to be quiet and leave her alone? And when you DO be quiet and leave her alone, she gets even MORE  mad at you? Confusing right?


If you’re simply just doing what she’s telling you to do, then why’s she getting mad at you?! Well let me tell ya this, girls are weird and confusing creatures. When we tell you to “leave us alone” in our heads we’re crying for attention. We DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT want you to leave us alone. We want you to keep asking us what’s wrong even though we probably will not tell you 3/4ths of the time.

Actions. Do you ever ask yourself why your parents are always making you do stuff you don’t want to do? Do they ever yell at you for something you view as completely unreasonable and dumb? If they do any of these two things, GOOD. Your parents do this for your benefit, and YOUR benefit only. If your parents “force” you to go to piano class,  scouts, tutoring, or whatever it’s because they love you. I’m a teenager, and I use to hate going to piano class and tutoring. I use to think that my parents made me go to these places simply because they wanted me to be unhappy until one day my aunt told me something that really opened my eyes.

She was lecturing me about my grades, and at first I was kinda thinking something along the lines of “oh great”.  Buuut as she continued her little lecture my state of mind completely changed. It went from “oh great” to  “…she’s completely right” She told me that the competition for colleges now is ridiculous. It is incredibly difficult to get into a college because of all the people competing with you. She compared high school to a freeway, there are people speeding through high school at 90 mph (people who excel in school), people going at legal 75 mph (decent grades), and the people who are getting honked at, and driving a slow 50 mph. (people who are behind). Now I’m not one of the students at the top of my class, but I’m not the one at the bottom either. My grades are decent, but my grade in math is a little disappointing. Well, extremely disappointing with my stereotypical Asian family. (I’ve got a C in Alg 2/Trig) ANYWAYS, getting back to my aunt’s lecture! I was really teary eyed and snotty by the end of all of this. It’s so hard to breathe with a stuffy nose.. BUT OK YEAH ANYWAYS, at the end of the lecture her eyes soften and she put her hand on my shoulder and told me, “Michelle, I’m saying any of these things to make you feel bad, I’m saying these things because I love you, I care for you, and I want to see you succeed in life.”

Books. In a great work a literature, there is always a deeper meaning to the text than the words you simply read out of the book. I’m currently reading A Tale of Two Cities at the moment, and often times I’m just sitting at my desk staring at the book wondering what the heck’s going on. But as I read and reread the words in the book over and over again, things slowly become clearer to me. The words, the sentences, and characters slowly begin to unravel themselves to me. I’m not going to give it all away (well I can’t because I’m no where close to being finished with the book), but one example of a character being a symbol is Mrs. Defrage. Mrs. Defrage is always knitting right? Is it because she just really likes knitting? Well maybe, but her knitting also alludes to fate. The Fates, (remember good ol’ Mr. Mythology book we read over the summer?) are three sisters who control human life, busy themselves with the tasks of weavers or seamstresses: one sister spins the web of life, another measures it, and the last cuts it.

I shared these 3 little examples with you guys to show ya’lls that there’s often  a meaning extending below the surface.. We just gotta be a little less lazy and look! 🙂


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