Painting parking lots

So as you all know, or if you don’t know, everyone in Mr. Theriault’s class is taking part in something known as the innovation project! The purpose of the innovation project is to provide change, or simply make, create, or do something you can look back on and be proud of! You can work by yourself, or you can incorporate your ideas with ideas of other people. I think it’s an absolutely wonderful project, and I’m ecstatic to be a part of it. I’ve already seen so many outstanding ideas, so many phenomenal ideas even.

For my innovation project, I’m working in a group with Angie Ly, Catt Phan, Maya Greenfield-Thong, Chris Nguyen, Stelle Lee, Michelle Nguyen, and any willing volunteers. (Official volunteers are Lindsey Roberts and Rachel Philips) Our goal in our innovation project is to paint FVHS’s senior parking lot with inspirational messages. School can be incredibly stressful. Little inspirational messages brighten up someone’s day. It also enhances school spirit and character. I know if I was a senior, and if I was feelin’ a lil down, I’d love to look down at the parking lot and see an inspirational quote! We’re a little behind on our schedule, but we’re hoping to get started painting park lots real soon! I can’t wait to blog about the process and show you guys result of our project!


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