How to get a date 101

Hey you! Yes… You! The person staring at their computer screen, who has been scrolling down their dash for hours… Take a few seconds to answer these simple questions! NO DON’T SCROLL DOWN, C’MON DO IT! IT TAKES LIKE 5 SECONDS!!!

-Are you ridiculously awkward?

-Do you not know how to tell if he or she likes you or not?

-Never know where to take your dates?

IF YOU HAVE ANSWERED YES TO ANY OF THE QUESTIONS LISTED ABOVE, TODAY IS YOUR VERY, VERY LUCKY DAY! Lucky for you, I can help answer these questions! I can also give you helpful lil’ tips that will definitely improve your game ohohoho 😉 You will be sweepin’ your special someone off their feet in no time! Just bear with me a lil’!

Bbbuuuut, before I get to all the fancy smancy details on how to a. be less awkward, b. tell if he/she likes you or not, c. know what kinda places to take him/her, I gotta give you a brief introduction on how I’ve become so wwwiiisseee and aalll knowwwing! Ya’ know, I wasn’t always this smart about dates and girls and boys and yada yada yaaaaa… UNTIL ONE DAY, MY GOOD OL’ ENGLISH TEACHER MR. THERIAULT ENLIGHTENED US ALL (english hon classes). Yup, one of his famous life lessons!! So let’s begin, shall we?! 🙂

There answer to the first question is quite simple actually! It’s only awkward if you make it awkward my friend! Just relax a little, be yourself! Just. Be. Yourself!

Now, time to get to the not so easy questions….

So! How CAN you tell if someone likes you?! Well, the two main players, in this concept is proximity and

(Proximity is the state, quality, sense, or fact of being near or next; closeness) Body language is a dead give away to if this guy or girl likes you or not! Sooo for example, let’s say you two love birds @ disneyland on the haunted mansion ride!


Woahhhhohoho, look at how close you two are!! If her/his body language is friendly and she’s/he’s leaning kinda close to you, or if he/she is maybe even touching you… THAT, MY FRIEND, IS A VERY GOOD SIGN. VERY GOOD SIGN INDEED. WELL, It doesn’t always necessarily mean that WOW, he/she is MADLY in love with you, but it’s a start isn’t it?! But on the other hand, if he/she is constantly trying to distance his/herself away from you…Well…Sorry buddy. Plenty of fishies in the sea! Grab ya bait, fishing rod, and go fishing! While you’re fishing, we’ll move on to the next concept!

There’s plenty of places you can take your date! But if you’re running low on money and at an absolute loss for ideas, HEY! DON’T EVEN WORRY ABOUT IT!! THAT’S WHAT I’M HERE FOR! I gotcha buddy! Just watch these few videos I’ve linked down below and you should be aaalll gooddd…. Or at least until after the 3rd date cause then I’m outta videos to show you hehehe… (Wait ’til you’re a senior & ya get to Mr. Therault’s advanced dating course!!! AP dates & such hip hip hooorraay!!)

Aaaand yeah! This concludes our lesson on how to get a date! Now go get em’ tigerrr!! AND HEY! Don’t just thank me!! Thank my good ol’ English teacher Mr. Theriault! You wouldn’t be this wise and all knowing on dates and such without him!

Have a good day I love you all :-*


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