Mom, I’d like to introduce you to my husband, Sydney Carton

Honestly, what girl isn’t completely in love with Mr. Carton after reading A Tale of Two Cities?! I am honestly so smitten with the guy. He’s the walking definition of perfect. Aaand lemme tell ya why! Character analysis here we gooooo!

In A Tale of Two Cities, we are first introduced to Sydney Carton during the trial of Charles Darnay. During this scene we don’t exactly think much of him. He’s just that particular assistant lawyer fellow who noticed Lucy Manette getting a woozy and faint-y… He doesn’t leave the best impression after the trial either… (the guy was sucha jerk to Charles Darnay after the trial) So as of right now, we all kinda think that Sydney is just a lazy alcoholic meanie butt, right?? Right?? Yes. But is he really just some negative thinking drunk jerk? No.

Sydney Carton isn’t your typical average drunk. In fact, he is so, soso much more than what he portrays himself to be. He’s actually quite a brilliant man! This characteristic is shown to us in Book 2, Chapter 5, The Jackal. Mr. Stryver, the oh so prominent and successful lawyer isn’t exactly what you think. Sydney Carton’s actually the brain’s behind all of his successful cases! It was actually Sydney’s idea to point out the resemblance between him and Mr. Darnay! …Oooh, smart and good looking?! I’m liking this guy so far, are you? 😉

You ain’t seen nothing yet though! This guy rrreealllyyy begins to pull at your heart strings in Book 2, Chapter 13, the Fellow of no Delicacy. Now don’t let the title of the chapter fool you! Sydney Carton is an incredibly sweet fellow… This guy has been in love with Lucie since day 1. However due to Carton’s super negative mindset, self-hatred, and “my life will never get better” attitude he isn’t able to win Lucie Manette. He, himself knows that Lucie for fact, does not love him and never will. But putting that all aside, he goes to her house and confesses his strong and undeniable love for her. He says things like:

I wish you to know that you have been the last dream of my soul

For you, and for any dear to you, I would do anything.

Ohooho Sydney Carton, you hopeless romantic, you! Quite the smooth fella, eh? Those two lines are enough to make me swoon!

ANYWAYS, Sydney Carton, my friends, is indeed a man of his words!

Now we all know very well that Sydney and Charles aren’t too buddy-buddy with each other… HOWEVER, when Charles Darnay is sentenced to death on the guillotine, the heroic Sydney Carton is the one who rushes to his rescue!

224898575111634421_SFRiMhzQ_faccurate picture of me after reading A Tale of Two Cities

And I’m not quite done yet! What’s completely ridiculous about Sydney Carton is the fact that he is still charming even moments before his death. I mean, the guys head is about to be chopped off and he can manage to be the biggest sweetheart… Who can forget about the scene between him and the young seamstress, am I right?! And if your memory is a lil’ foggy, lemme clear it up for ya!

Or you to me, says Sydney Carton. Keep your eyes upon me, dear child, and mind no other object.

I mind nothing while I hold your hand. I shall mind nothing when I let it go, if they are rapid” (seamstress)

You comfort me so much! I am so ignorant. Am I to kiss you now? Is the moment come?” (seamstress)

She kisses his lips; he kisses hers; they solemnly bless each other. The spare hand does not tremble as he releases it; nothing worse than a sweet, bright constancy is in the patient face.

Sorry if these quotations kinda sorta look like random excerpts from the book, but I promise you they aren’t! What’s basically happening in this scene is

  • Sydney holds a little seamstress hand as they ride to the guillotine together
  • He comforts her, telling her that she’s going to a place with no suffering & that she will be able to be with her family again
  • They kiss, and she steps up onto the guillotine unafraid

He’s absolutely wonderful, huh?

So I’m about at the conclusion of my little fangirl/analysis of Sydney Carton, aaand I’d just like to bring up the fact that at the beginning of the story, our perspective on Sydney Carton was not-so-great, correct? We all thought the guy was just a lousy alcoholic. I mean c’mon, don’t even try to deny it! We all weren’t very fond of the dude… Well Sydney Carton proved something to us, didn’t he? He proved to us that first impressions aren’t something we should base our judgement of people on! We were all quick to judge the guy not knowing what kind of a person he actually is. Like Lemony Snicket says…

I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed this, but first impressions are often entirely wrong. You can look at a painting for the first time, for example, and not like it at all, but after looking at it a little longer you may find it very pleasing. The first time you try Gorgonzola cheese you may find it too strong, but when you are older you may want to eat nothing but Gorgonzola cheese.

Aaaaaanddd thhhisss concllluddeeesss mmmmyy pposssttt! I hope you guys learned something from reading this!



4 thoughts on “Mom, I’d like to introduce you to my husband, Sydney Carton

  1. I absolutely love your post about Sydney Carton. He’s absolutely someone who shouldn’t be judged by their covers because he is indeed super caring and intelligent!

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