Size zero

Everyone says that inner beauty is more important than outer beauty, but it seems otherwise in the society we live in. Society’s definition of beautiful is the girl with the perfect bust size, the right kind of butt, the toned stomach, the thin legs, the flawless skin, the long hair, and the pretty face. Society’s standards of beauty are the size 0 models in magazines, or the beautiful women on TV. And society says just because you don’t look like them, you aren’t pretty.

But you know what?

Forget what society says! Forget about the socially constructed ideas of “beauty”. Your weight doesn’t need to be lower, your stomach doesn’t need to be flatter, your skin doesn’t need to be tanner, your teeth doesn’t need to be whiter, your waist doesn’t need to be smaller, and your face doesn’t need to be prettier. All of your little imperfections are what define you. They’re what makes you, you. And as soon as you begin to accept your imperfections, and the moment you decide to be yourself; that’s when beauty begins. You may not be society’s idea of beautiful, but you are beautiful


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