(Or Mr. Independent, whichever one works for you bwuahah :))

Valentines’ day, also known as Single-awareness day (S.A.D), PDA Plague Day, The Day Love Costs Money or whatever you may call it is just around the corner! And as Valentines day approaches, we single people usually start to begin feeling sad because of all the chocolates, the hearts, the lovey dovey couples, and all the love in the air. But before I begin to talk about why you don’t need a significant other, boyfriend, girlfriend, or whatever to have a good Valentines day, Sheldon & I would like to clarify something.


It’s not love people! It’s just nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide!

But aaanyways, what’s so bad about spending Valentines’ day alone?! Sure, getting a Valentines’ day card, some chocolates, or flowers is nice, but ask yourself this: “Are you going to care about that card, those chocolates or flowers a week from Valentines day? A month from Valentines day?” And if your is answer is yes, then think about this! You’re gonna lose that Valentines’ day card at some point of your life, those chocolates are just gonna make you fatter, and those flowers are gonna die anyways. And if you STILL want some Valentine goodies after reading that, just get yourself some! There is absolutely nothing wrong with buying yourself cards, chocolates, or flowers! AND, the store clerk won’t know that you’re buying it for yourself. NO ONE will know!

Another way of thinking about Valentines day is money related. If you’ve got a significant other, or maybe 2 or 3 girlfriends/boyfriends think about all the money you have to spend on them! So say you buy your significant other some See’s chocolate, a bouquet of flowers, and some balloons. *See’s chocolate can ranges from 10$-50$, a bouquet of flowers would cost around 15-20$, and balloons would be 2$ each.

Say your significant other is expecting something big, that means you’ve got to get them the best of the best right? The best chocolate, the prettiest flowers, and a lot of balloons! That means you have to spend at least 80$ (50$+ 20$+ 10$), or maybe even more on their gift! And 80$, in this economy, is way too much! Times are tough ya know?!

Or say you spend the least amount of money possible, 27$ (10$ + 15$ + 2$ = 27$). That’s still money! Think about all the things you could buy for yourself! You could buy yourself a cool paddle ball toy, a cheap fishing rod, or a bean bag! The possibilities are endless…

So for all the single people who think Valentines’ day is the worst holiday that has ever came into existence, I hope reading this has changed your mindset, even if it is a ity bity tiny bit :-). There’s no need to be S.A.D (hahah get it?) people! You’re independent! You got your own thaaang going on for you!

But if you’ve got your heart set spending this friday with someone, don’t even worry about it! You’re young, you’ve got plenty of years of life ahead of ya! You’re gonna have at least 1 Valentines in those 90 or so years ahead of you! Don’t worry about it and be happy!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


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