Rocky is a movie about an amateur boxer, who’s never actually had a real fight before and is given the chance to fight a well known, worldwide heavyweight champion. He is given the opportunity to pursue the American dream, and along the way, he finds love in a particular girl named Adrian. Every day until the big fight, Rocky rigorously trains all day and night with quirky techniques-such as punching meat in a freezer. Rocky faces many difficult situations, however as the kind of person Rocky is- Rocky never gives up. Rocky Balboa does not know the meaning of the word ‘quit’. 

After watching days and days of Rocky constantly training and practicing, a scene with him and Adrian open the audience’s eyes to Rocky’s real intentions. He told Adrian,

“Who am I kiddin’? I ain’t even in the guy’s league… It don’t matter, ’cause I was nobody before… I was nobody.”

Rocky knew that it would be near impossible to beat Apollo Creed. While everyone else was pushing him and thinking that his goal was to beat the heavyweight champion, Rocky was aiming for much more than that. Rocky’s goal wasn’t to beat Apollo Creed, it was to prove that everyone was wrong about him. He wanted to prove that he wasn’t wasting his life, he wanted to show them that he was capable of doing great things. On the day of the big match, Rocky didn’t win, but he showed that he was worth fighting against. That, in Rocky’s eyes was a victory. Some people, however, have contrasting views about this and disagree. “Rocky lost against Apollo, how is that a victory?” Winning doesn’t necessarily always have to be about winning. Not everything is about winning. Winning is achieving what you wanted to do in the first place. Rocky showed that he was able to last the 15 rounds against Apollo, he showed that was worth fighting and capable of great things. He did not win, but he achieved his goal, and was happy. And at the end of the day, that’s all that really matters. 🙂

That don’t matter either, ya know…It really don’t matter if I lose this fight. It really don’t matter if this guy opens my head, either. ‘Cause all I wanna do is go the distance. Nobody’s ever gone the distance with Creed. And if I can go that distance, ya see, and that bell rings, ya know, and I’m still standin’, I’m gonna know for the first time in my life, ya see, that I weren’t just another bum from the neighborhood.”

*Ps: If you got my little pun in the title, you’re awesome 🙂




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